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Keynotes and Takeaways From Yesterday’s Workshop on Audience Development

A new insight on actively growing an audience by genuinely engaging with your readers.

Rui Alves
3 min readAug 12, 2021


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Yesterday, August 11, I attended the latest workshop: “Don’t Post and Ghost: 5 Ways to Connect With Your Readers On and Off the Page.”

I found it quite insightful; however, we need to go back to this pressing topic and have a new series of webinars dedicated to brainstorming new ways to develop our audience.

Nowadays, writers need a marketer mindset as writing a great story isn’t enough. You need to know how to connect with your audience after you hit publish. I have shared several articles around this pressing topic to help fellow writers build their audience promote engagement.

If you want to learn more about this subject and how to use social media and online tools to connect with your readers, please consider referring to the following articles:

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This writing platform wants us to take curation into our own hands; hence email subscriptions seem like an instrumental resource to stay connected with your readers in line with EV William’s vision toward a more relational networking approach within this writing platform.

Samantha Zabell provided further insight into practical ways to apply Ev’s concept. The audience development expert mentioned a fundamental approach to connecting with our readers: Celebrating your readers develops a sense of community and promotes reciprocity.

Recently, this platform introduced email subscriptions, thus helping “writers build a portable email audience.”

Yesterday, we learned about Referred Memberships and changes to the Partner Program Eligibility Criteria. The keynote here is we need to grow our community to earn more money.



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