It’s Official! The Creator Fellowship Offers a $200 Month Minimum Guarantee

Welcome to the Creator Fellowship: one alliance to unite us all.

Rui Alves
4 min readJul 17, 2021


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I checked my email when the long-awaited news arrived around 7:45 PM (WEST), July 16. The opening paragraph left me exulting because it stated I received the email not only because I’m “enrolled in the Partner Program” but also because my work was being noticed, wrapping it up with a motivational booster:

“You’re one of our most valued creators.”

This platform has been investing many resources in creators, namely, with the Partner Program bonuses. Thus, starting from August, the platform launches a new creator support program, and I had just received an invitation to apply.

Developers plan to keep improving the platform and scale its outreach. At the same time, this media powerhouse strives to offer financial compensation to help creators meet the platform’s high standards and support this thriving and highly motivated community.

The writing platform wants to give its creators the “time and space” they need to produce their best work and build an audience.

We had all heard the rumors about a new (not so secret) program being developed in the background, with a selected group of creators that offered a monthly fixed amount.

The Creator Fellowship offers creators a monthly minimum guarantee of earnings through the Partner Program from August through October.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be fully enrolled in the Partner Program, including having a connected Stripe account and approved tax documents;
  • Have at least 200 Followers;
  • Have published at least one post within the 90 days ahead of submitting your application.

However, for this program, the writing platform only takes on board “a limited number of creators, and uses subjective criteria to determine admission, including quality of writing.”

Those accepted into the program will then receive a monthly minimum payment guaranteed for three months. The program begins on August 1 and ends on October 31, 2021.



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