I like to call myself a citizen of the world who knows home is where the heart is.

🎓 Forged by the University of Porto in European Languages and Cultures (MA), Portuguese army veteran, poet, content disruptor, musician, and digital alchemist. 🌍 Tempered in the European Commission Bubble. I've had years of experience in multicultural environments, namely when I worked in European Union-funded projects in Brussels.

⚔️🖊️ Before moving to Brussels, I served in the Portuguese Army and became an HR specialist in UN and NATO peacekeeping operations in Iraq, Lebanon, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Angola, Congo, East Timor, and almost everywhere conflict would rise during those years.

✍️ I’m a published author, language teacher, and mindset coach with a multifaceted approach toward creativity.

🎸 I’m also a self-taught bass guitarist who has been involved in the music industry for the last three decades. I joined several rock bands, became a freelance music journalist, and co-founded my first music webzine in 2010.

Lately, I’ve expanded my craft into the realms of digital art and become a scriptwriter for video games.

I’m also a co-founder of the Portuguese Creators Guild.

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Rui Alves

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Language teacher, linguist, life coach, published author (joined the Army and worked for the EU). A publisher, digital ronin, musician and alchemist of sound.